“Lydia has a problem. You write a song today and she releases it three or four years” Azawi Reveals What She Dislikes About Lydia Jazmine

In the realm of Uganda’s vibrant music scene, Azawi, the sensational singer, recently shed light on her experiences as a songwriter and expressed a notable discontent with fellow artist Lydia Jazmine.

The revelation came during Azawi’s appearance on Galaxy TV, where she unveiled the one aspect about Jazmine that irks her the most – the prolonged delays in releasing projects.

Azawi disclosed that she had penned a few songs for Lydia Jazmine, including notable tracks like “Omalawo” and “Binji,” a collaboration with Fik Fameica.

However, the talented artist voiced her frustration, stating, “It’s just that Lydia has a problem. You write a song today, and she releases it three or four years later when its sweetness is ‘expired’… I don’t know why she does it like that.”

During the interview, Azawi admitted to having forgotten some of the songs she had written for Jazmine, emphasizing the lengthy duration between creation and release. Despite these grievances, Azawi acknowledged Jazmine’s talent but couldn’t overlook the peculiar delay in bringing their collaborative projects to the public.

Azawi’s journey into the music industry initially began as a songwriter until she crossed paths with Benon Mugumbya and Julius Kyazze at Swangz Avenue. Encouraged by the Swangz Avenue bosses, she transitioned into singing. Before this pivotal encounter, Azawi had already penned songs for artists such as Carol Nantongo and Eddy Kenzo.

In a notable twist, Azawi revealed in interviews that her breakthrough song, “Quinamino,” was originally intended for Winnie Nwagi. However, she now emphasizes a reduced focus on writing for other artists, signifying a shift in her creative priorities.

On the flip side, Lydia Jazmine’s project delays may not be entirely intentional. Jazmine recently released one of the three songs penned by the late Mowzey Radio.

She attributed the delay in its release to her split with former manager Producer Bushington (George Bush Kago). Despite challenges and disagreements, Jazmine eventually secured the release, showcasing the complexities that sometimes hinder timely project launches in the dynamic music industry.

As Azawi continues to make waves with her own music, the revelations about her songwriting experiences and frustrations with project delays provide a compelling glimpse into the intricacies of collaboration and release timelines in the Ugandan music landscape.

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