Mother Gives Gives Birth to 10.5 kg Stone in Bugiri in Landmark Medical Operation

In an unprecedented turn of events, Bugiri district witnessed a jaw-dropping incident as 24-year-old Hellen Namukose gave birth to a stone-like mass, leaving residents and medical professionals in sheer disbelief.

The miraculous revelation unfolded in Nagongera village, Buliidha Sub County, where Namukose recently underwent a life-changing operation to remove the astounding 10.5 kg mass from her womb.

Dr. Kasaizaki Geoffrey, who led the surgical team, shared insights into the shocking case. Namukose, initially believing she was pregnant, encountered health issues but was unable to seek medical help due to financial constraints. The patient’s mother, Kubingi Janet, detailed the year-long ordeal, describing the disorder as unrecognizable and painful.

Initially thinking Namukose was pregnant, the family sought medical attention at a local health center in Buliidha. The medics there confirmed the pregnancy, but as months passed, the situation worsened. Bleeding persisted, and the stomach expanded rapidly, prompting spiritual interventions after traditional medical avenues failed.

A pastor’s prayer seemingly alleviated the condition temporarily, but it resurfaced in June with increased intensity. Namukose experienced severe pain and discomfort as the mass inside her seemed to move. Desperate for help, they turned to Rippon Hospital in Jinja, where a CTR scan recommended urgent surgery. However, the financial barrier loomed large.

A stroke of luck came in the form of a radio announcement about a medical camp offering free treatment in their neighborhood. Overjoyed at the prospect of accessing life-saving intervention without financial constraints, the family seized the opportunity.

Dr. Kasaizaki successfully extracted the 10.5 kg mass in a three-hour operation, marking a significant achievement. Namukose, now recovering at Nankoma Health Center IV, expressed gratitude to Bugiri district’s local government for making the free health camp possible.

The District Chairman, Mr. Kasaija Davidson Mulumba, ensured the event’s success, with over 40 surgeries and 700 patients attended to within two days.

Ms. Naggayi Fatumah, the Senior Nursing Officer, confirmed Namukose’s positive response to treatment. The health camp, initiated by Namukose, aims to provide specialized medical care to the vulnerable poor.

Mr. Mulumba emphasized the leadership’s commitment to improving lives in Bugiri and advocated for increased government budget allocation to enhance healthcare accessibility for more cases in the future.

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