I Can Never Fight Lydia Jazmine Because of Eddy Kenzo’s Cassava”- Carol Nantongo

Amid swirling rumors and dating speculations, Carol Nantongo unequivocally asserts the steadfast nature of her friendship with Eddy Kenzo, emphasizing its imperviousness to external influences.

In response to the persistent claims of a romantic involvement, Carol vehemently refutes such allegations, dismissing them as baseless and entirely untrue. She makes it abundantly clear that she steers clear of relationships with married men, unequivocally declaring her intention to terminate any such relationship promptly.

Furthermore, Carol dispels notions of collaboration with Lydia Jazmine to undermine the marriage of Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo. She firmly distances herself from any involvement in conniving with fellow women to harm or antagonize another woman.

Emphasizing her belief in individual choices, Carol firmly states that she will not offer further explanations about her relationship with Eddy Kenzo. Despite the controversies surrounding their association, she expresses her intent to continue her connection with Eddy Kenzo, underscoring her unwavering belief in their bond.

Carol’s resolute stance reflects her commitment to stand by her choices and maintain her relationship with Eddy Kenzo, irrespective of external opinions or rumors.

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