Fullfigure atabukidde bad Black Lwakuvuma basajja mbu they are “Useless” in Bed

After years of maintaining a low profile, renowned singer Jennifer Full Figure has recently launched a fierce critique against socialite Bad Black for undermining Ugandan men, labeling them as ‘weak and useless’ in bed.

In a series of live social media videos over the weekend, Bad Black took a swipe at Ugandan men, claiming they are no longer relevant in the bedroom and are weak and bothersome.

She even went to the extent of expressing a preference for Nigerian men, signaling her frustration with her fellow countrymen.

Unable to remain silent, the vibrant Presidential Advisor, known as Mama Jonah, quickly responded, using the opportunity to educate the former commercial worker on the importance of respecting Ugandan men.

Full Figure conveyed her disappointment by pointing out the number of Ugandan men Bad Black has been involved with over the years.

Notably, Full Figure emphasized that Bad Black’s husband is Ugandan, adding weight to her call for respect. Full Figure even suggested that Bad Black undergo a medical check-up, insinuating incompetence in bed.

In addition to the critique, Full Figure called out Bad Black for persistently hurling insults at her ex-lover, Meddie Ssentongo, using vulgar attacks long after their breakup. F

ull Figure offered advice to Bad Black, urging her to reconsider her stance, show respect to Ugandan men, and abandon her abusive behavior. She emphasized that the era of insults is outdated and doesn’t align with the current transforming world.

The public now awaits Bad Black’s response, considering her known penchant for responding to criticism with her characteristic brashness and outspoken nature. The confrontation between these two personalities adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing discourse on respect and behavior in the public eye.

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