NGENDA BYOGERA BYONA!! Kasuku Threatens to Reveal more Solid Proof and Evidence Pinning Pastor Jengo’s Lover of Adultery

Just over a week ago, gossip enthusiast Kasuku stirred the rumor mill by announcing that the partner of Pastor Andrew Jengo was caught in a compromising situation with an unidentified man along Salaama road in Kampala.

Kasuku went on to assert that Jengo was deeply hurt by Fifi’s alleged actions and suggested that the city preacher was already exploring other romantic options.

However, all these claims were vehemently denied by Pastor Andrew Jengo and his girlfriend Fifi during a Sunday service. They dismissed Kasuku’s accusations as baseless and not deserving of any attention.

Despite being in London currently, Kasuku has issued a warning, threatening to unveil additional evidence that supposedly implicates Fifi in adultery.

He boldly claims to possess audio and video recordings that will expose Fifi, potentially leading to heartbreak for Pastor Andrew Jengo in the near future.

Title: “Love Triumphs Amidst Gossip: Pastor Jengo and Fifi Refute Cheating Allegations”

A little over a week ago, Kasuku, known for his gossip updates, stirred the rumor mill with claims that Pastor Andrew Jengo’s partner was caught in an alleged cheating scandal along Salaama road in Kampala.

According to Kasuku, Jengo was reportedly upset with Fifi, and rumors circulated that the city preacher was actively seeking alternative romantic connections.

However, Pastor Andrew Jengo and Fifi took a united stand against these allegations during a recent Sunday service, dismissing Kasuku’s claims as unfounded and unworthy of attention.

Despite currently residing in London, Kasuku has issued a threat, promising to reveal additional evidence that supposedly incriminates Fifi in adultery.

He asserts possessing audio and video recordings that could potentially lead to heartbreak for Pastor Andrew Jengo in the coming days.

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