“You’re the best gift God gave me,” Pastor Bugingo, Susan Makula celebrate their s Relationship anniversary

In a heartwarming celebration of their union, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his fiancée, Susan Makula, marked a special milestone in their relationship.

The House of Prayer Ministries International lead pastor and Susan Makula have been at the center of public curiosity, with the circumstances surrounding their union capturing widespread attention.

The journey of their relationship took a significant turn in 2021 when Pastor Bugingo made an official visit to Susan Makula’s parents. This symbolic step hinted at the depth of their commitment to each other, unfolding against the backdrop of Bugingo filing for divorce from his estranged wife, Teddy Naluswa.

Since then, Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula have been inseparable, navigating the complexities of life together.

On a recent Thursday, the couple joyously celebrated their relationship anniversary, and the festivities did not go unnoticed on social media. Shared images showcased the couple standing beside two exquisitely decorated cakes, each bearing heartfelt messages.

One cake prominently displayed the words, “Happy anniversary, Susan Bujjingo. I Love you,” radiating affection and appreciation.

The second cake carried a touching message, declaring, “Susan, you’re the best gift God gave me,” emphasizing the divine significance they attribute to their connection.

While the shared photos captured the love and joy between Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Susan Makula, intriguingly, the exact year of their anniversary remained undisclosed.

Nevertheless, the images and messages conveyed a profound sense of unity and happiness as the couple embraced this special moment in their journey together.

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