“Nze Lydia Jazmine tasobola kunjawula ku Eddy Kenzo” Carol Nantongo Opens Up About Relationship with Eddy Kenzo

Amidst swirling rumors surrounding a romantic involvement between Carol Nantongo and Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo, the songstress has chosen to neither confirm nor deny the speculations.

Instead, she has candidly expressed that nothing can sever the connection between her and Kenzo because she still values their relationship.

Nantongo further emphasized that their bond is unbreakable, citing her continued need for Kenzo in her life. In a bold statement, she asserted that no obstacles would hinder their dating journey, underlining her belief in her own attractiveness and asserting that any man would desire to be with her.

Adding to the admiration, she complimented Kenzo’s handsome qualities, suggesting that any sensible woman would aspire to have him as a partner.

In a surprising turn, the “Oliwa” hitmaker clarified that she harbors no ill feelings towards Lydia Jasmine. Nantongo expressed her willingness to extend an olive branch, stating that she has no qualms with Jasmine.

Moreover, she declared that, if invited, she would gladly perform at Lydia Jasmine’s inaugural concert, highlighting a positive and supportive stance in the realm of musical camaraderie.

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