REVEALED! Jose Chameleons’s Decision Not to Acknowledge Bobi Wine at King Saha’s Concert

On the evening of December 8, 2023, the highly anticipated “Ebiseera Ebyo” concert, hosted by King Saha, unfolded at the exquisite Hotel Africana in Kampala. The event, which saw a complete sell-out, delivered numerous unforgettable moments, one of which revolved around the unexpected presence of Bobi Wine.

As artists took the stage, many openly acknowledged and commended Bobi Wine’s attendance. However, one notable exception was Jose Chameleone, who steadfastly refused to do so.

Reports suggest that Chameleone’s reluctance stems from a past grievance – Bobi Wine’s alleged failure to provide him with a NUP ticket for the mayoral position in the 2021 general elections.

Throughout his performance, Chameleone refrained from acknowledging Bobi Wine until the very end, after which he promptly left the venue.

The incident sparked intense discussions among fans and industry insiders alike. Some lauded Chameleone for standing firm on his principles, while others criticized him for allowing personal grievances to overshadow the concert’s intended spirit of unity and celebration.

Despite the tension between Chameleone and Bobi Wine, the Ebiseera Ebyo Concert persevered as a memorable event. The clash of egos added an unexpected layer to the evening, leaving attendees with a mix of musical brilliance and unresolved personal conflicts.

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