Security Measures Enforce Boundary: READ How Kenzo was Restricted from Approaching NUP Leader Bobi Wine during King Saha’s ebiseera ebyo Concert

On the evening of Friday, the 8th of this month, King Saha orchestrated a triumphant concert at Hotel Africana, drawing a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts.

Among the attendees was National Unity Platform leader, Bobi Wine, who engaged in amiable exchanges with almost every artist present—except for Eddy Kenzo.

Seated not far from Bobi Wine, Kenzo made an attempt to approach the table where the Firebase leader was seated. However, his efforts were thwarted by Bobi Wine’s security detail, led by Eddy Mutwe.

The security team formed a protective barrier around Bobi Wine’s VIP table, preventing Kenzo from getting any closer. Eventually, Kenzo disappeared from the scene.

The discord between Bobi Wine and Eddy Kenzo finds its roots in Kenzo’s support for President Kaguta Museveni. The head of Big Talent chose to align himself with the yellow camp, actively rallying support for President Museveni, thereby creating a substantial rift with the NUP camp.

The incident at King Saha’s concert shed light on the lingering tensions between these two prominent figures in the Ugandan music scene.

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