Blu3’s Enigmatic Reunion: A Prelude to Greatness at Protea Hotel Marriott Kampala Skyz Exclusive Night

The dissolution of Blu*3 remains shrouded in mystery, leaving fans to ponder what could have been for the talented trio with a promising future. While each member has found success in their solo endeavors, the collective path they were forging hinted at even greater achievements.

The buzz surrounding their potential reunion has persisted for a year, and recent information suggests that the trio is in the final stages of negotiations to stage a joint concert next year.

While details remain elusive, what we can confirm is their upcoming performance next Thursday evening at Protea Hotel Marriott Kampala Skyz during the monthly Skyz Exclusive night, featuring the D Maestro band.

The trio’s compensation for the performance is undisclosed, yet considering past editions featuring other artists, Blu*3 is expected to deliver an intimate, up-close showcase of all their hits. This performance may serve as a prelude to the much-anticipated reunion concert slated for the following year.

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