King Saha’s Mother Responds to Criticism Surrounding her Son’s Alleged Drug Addiction

At the recently concluded “Ebiseera Ebyo” concert, a diverse group of attendees joined together to support King Saha, with even his mother making a special appearance to express her gratitude and address some pressing questions.

In the midst of the musical extravaganza, King Saha’s mother took the stage and spoke to the press, expressing her heartfelt thanks to God for enabling her son to make history. She also extended her appreciation to the enthusiastic crowd that had turned up in large numbers to support the talented singer.

Amid the celebratory atmosphere, questions about the ongoing criticism regarding King Saha’s alleged use of intoxicating substances arose. Last year, there were reports of his hospitalization, supposedly linked to these substances. When asked about these allegations, King Saha’s mother responded with grace, emphasizing that ears are meant for hearing. She acknowledged her awareness of the criticism surrounding her son but firmly stated that she entrusts everything to God.

Choosing not to delve into how these allegations personally affected her, the mother revealed that Saha is her firstborn son. Instead, she addressed a different aspect of her son’s life, sharing that he had once been poisoned. She attributed this unfortunate incident to the malicious intentions of individuals surrounding him.

In a fervent plea, King Saha’s mother sought the protection of the benevolent Lord for her son. She asked for wisdom to be bestowed upon him, allowing him to accomplish even greater feats in his journey through life. The emotional moment underscored a mother’s unwavering support for her child, irrespective of the challenges and criticisms that may come his way.

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