Miles Rwamiti and Hawah Mbabazi’s Joyous Introduction Ceremony Marks a Decade of Love

On the 9th of December 2023, the charismatic media personality Miles Rwamiti and his beloved fiancée, Hawah Mbabazi, marked a significant milestone in their relationship with a dazzling introduction ceremony in western Uganda.

After nearly a decade of courtship and the joyous addition of several children to their family, the couple decided to embark on this extraordinary journey to formalize their commitment to each other.

The exclusive event drew the presence of numerous distinguished individuals, including the celebrated singer Bebe Cool and Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, among other prominent figures.

As the couple basks in the joy of their introduction ceremony, sources reveal that they are eagerly looking forward to their impending wedding. The specific date for this momentous occasion will be unveiled in due course.

Below, we present a glimpse of the enchanting moments captured during Miles Rwamiti and Hawah Mbabazi’s Introduction Ceremony: [Insert Photo Gallery]

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