Ssalongo and Nnalongo!! Ann Taylor and Husband SB4, Welcome Twins After 5 Years of Anticipation

Last month, we shared Ann Taylor’s hopeful anticipation of expanding her family with new members. The latest and most joyous news now reveals that the wait is over for the media personality and actress, as she and her husband, Rogers Ssebunya (known as SB4), have welcomed their bundle of joy.

After five years of struggles and hopeful anticipation, the TV personality has successfully given birth to twins, marking a momentous occasion for the couple.

The announcement of Ann Taylor’s delivery initially broke on the internet before quickly circulating across various social media platforms.

The long-awaited arrival of the twins has undoubtedly brought immense happiness to Ann Taylor and Rogers Ssebunya, adding a new chapter to their journey together.

It’s a heartwarming celebration of love, resilience, and the joy that comes with the expansion of their family.

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