“Bajjo alina abaana 8 mubakazi 7” Bina Babie Disapproves Doreen Nasasira’s Relationship with Bajjo

Media personality Bina Babie, also known as Robina Mbabazi, has publicly voiced her reservations about her close friend Doreen Nasasira’s romantic involvement with events promoter Bajjo Events. The ongoing saga of Doreen and Bajjo’s budding relationship has been a recurring headline for several weeks.

Following their initial romantic date, Bajjo Events disclosed certain worrisome details that prompted Bina Babie, who was present during the encounter with Doreen, to oppose the relationship.

Bina revealed that Bajjo is indeed smitten with Doreen and provides her with a daily allowance of Ugx 200K. However, she raised concerns about Bajjo’s age, being in his early 30s, which she feels is not the ideal time for settling down in marriage.

Emphasizing the importance of understanding Doreen’s preferences, Bina pointed out that during their date, Bajjo had invited Gravitty Omutujju as a guest artist, not realizing that he is not Doreen’s favorite musician.

Adding another layer to her concerns, Bina mentioned that Bajjo has fathered over 8 children with 7 different women. This revelation further solidified her decision to intervene and prevent the relationship from progressing.

Expressing her worry for Doreen, Bina stated that she would be there to console her friend if the relationship were to end in heartbreak.

However, Bina’s involvement in Bajjo and Doreen’s relationship has faced criticism from social media users, who argue that Doreen should be allowed to make her own decisions.

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