“The only woman I love in Uganda is Spice Diana” Chris Evans Expresses His Desire To Date Spice Diana

In a surprising turn of events, musician Chris Evans has openly expressed his romantic interest in fellow singer Spice Diana. Known for developing crushes on fellow musicians, the “Rihanna” singer has shifted his affections from Zanie Brown to the captivating Spice Diana.

Initially smitten with Zanie Brown, Chris Evans decided to move on after facing rejection, paving the way for a new chapter in his romantic pursuits.

Currently, his admiration is solely reserved for Spice Diana, and he candidly shared that his collaborative work with her was a strategic move to draw her closer.

Presently, the singer is navigating the complexities of Spice Diana’s personal life, even questioning whether her manager, Roger Lubega, is merely a professional associate or potentially something more.

“The only woman I love in Uganda is Spice Diana. I want to date her. I wanted Zanie Brown, but she rejected me, and I decided to move on. My sights are now set on Spice Diana.

Even me doing a song with her was trying to pull her aerial. For now, I’m still trying to study the situation. I just want to know if Manager Roger is simply a music manager or if he manages her everything,” revealed the singer.

Notably, Spice Diana and Chris Evans recently collaborated on a song titled “Tondwiisa,” released about a month ago. The track has gained traction across various media platforms, showcasing their musical chemistry.

In the midst of these romantic musings, rumors have circulated linking Spice Diana and her manager, Roger, intimately. Both parties, however, have consistently denied any romantic involvement, asserting that their relationship remains strictly professional.

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