Winnie Nwagi on why she doesn’t like collaborating with upcoming artistes

Swangz Avenue artist Winnie Nwagi has recently shared insights into why she often hesitates to collaborate with upcoming musicians.

Despite acknowledging their talent and ability to infuse new vibes into the music scene, she admits to finding it challenging to establish a mutual connection with them.

With a successful career spanning over five years, Winnie Nwagi has seen her musical journey flourish. Collaborations have played a significant role in her success, with some joint efforts gaining more popularity than her solo singles. These collaborations have ranged from partnerships with established musicians to emerging talents.

Winnie Nwagi emphasizes that established musicians generally desire to support upcoming artists in finding their footing in the industry.

However, she points out that not all artists possess the specific vibe she looks for in a collaboration. Despite the excitement of working with young talent, she regrets that she cannot extend her assistance if the creative energy does not align.

In her own words, Winnie Nwagi states, “It’s exciting to collaborate with young talent as they consistently bring a fresh perspective. Working with me necessitates a compelling song as a prerequisite; if I don’t resonate with the vibe, I regret that I won’t be able to open up the space for you.”

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