“I’m Not Sorry For Wanting Money From Man On Date” Evelyn MiC Stands Firm on Her Views about Men Spending just 50k shs on Dates

Spark TV presenter Evelyn MiC remains unwavering in her stance on men contributing financially during dates, asserting that she has no regrets about expressing this opinion.

Evelyn triggered a flurry of reactions on social media with her contentious views, particularly criticizing men who offer only Shs 50,000 after a date.

She justified her perspective by highlighting the considerable investment women make in preparing for dates, citing the expenses associated with items like makeup and dresses, which often surpass Shs 300,000. Hence, she finds it disappointing when a man provides only 50k.

Critics argued that this viewpoint might be interpreted as encouraging transactional relationships. They suggested that women should clarify their intentions before a date, differentiating between genuine companionship and potentially transactional encounters.

Undeterred by the criticism, Evelyn stood her ground, emphasizing that she speaks for the many voiceless women. She clarified that her statement had nothing to do with promoting prostitution and expressed confusion about why people would conflate the issue with such matters.

The TV presenter explained that when she invests in her appearance, it is for the enjoyment of the man who initiated the date. Consequently, she believes it is reasonable for the man to express appreciation through a meaningful contribution.

Moreover, Evelyn stated that she refuses to set a specific monetary value on the gesture, leaving it to the man to gauge whether he values what he sees.

In defiance of the backlash, Evelyn MiC remains unapologetic for her viewpoint, acknowledging that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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