This Thursday morning in Kampala, opposition leaders and activists initiated a unique protest against the city’s deteriorating roads. Several leaders were seen taking to the streets, strategically planting bananas and yams in various potholes across the city.

Expressing their discontent with the state of the country’s roads, NUP Secretary General David Rubongoya, while planting a yam in a pothole, stated, “We are showing our dissatisfaction over the bad roads in our country.

We call on each and every one of you to come out and take a stand.” Opposition MPs, including Derrick Nyeko of Makindye East, joined the cause by participating in the protest and planting bananas.

Unfortunately, National Unity Platform President Bobi Wine was unable to join the protest on Thursday morning, as security measures prevented him from leaving his house in Magere. Despite this, Bobi Wine expressed his commitment on social media, saying, “The cowardly military and police have surrounded our home and put us under house arrest, but the protest is on. Fix our roads! Free Political Prisoners! Free Uganda!”

The opposition leaders, united under the United Forces of Change forum, had announced the pothole protest earlier in the week. During a press conference, they stated that the demonstration aimed to draw the attention of visiting foreign leaders participating in the NAM/G77 Summit in Kampala.

Former Leader of Opposition Mrs. Winnie Kiiza, reading a joint statement during the press conference, explained, “As the public, you are aware of the dire situation we are in in terms of infrastructure; everywhere you go, our roads are impassable. We have potholes that qualify to be lakes.”

She went on to announce that the protest would involve party leaders and citizens beautifying the potholes by planting bananas and other crops throughout Kampala.

The leaders emphasized that it is unfair for visiting delegations to enjoy only the newly refurbished roads without experiencing the condition of the rest of the infrastructure in a sorry state.

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