“I will never let my daughter see her father because he refused her when she wasn’t yet born” Winnie Nwagi on why she will never daughter see her father

In a heartfelt revelation, Swangz Avenue artist Winnie Nwagi has made a solemn vow never to allow her daughter to meet her father. As her daughter approaches adolescence, the singer reflects on the abandonment she faced even before her child’s birth.

Nwagi recounted meeting her daughter’s father at a gym, sparking an affair during a pivotal time in her life just after completing her form six examinations.

Faced with the loss of her mother and limited prospects for university education, she made the courageous decision to keep the pregnancy.

The complexities arose when the baby’s father insisted on an abortion or separation, a demand to which Nwagi firmly stood against. Since becoming pregnant, the man severed all contact with her, only attempting to re-enter her life when financial success came her way.

Having endured significant struggles, Nwagi made a resolute choice to deny the baby’s father access to their child, standing steadfast in her decision.

She revealed that her daughter, now growing into a teenager, will have the freedom to seek out her father if and when she deems it necessary.

In her own words, Nwagi expressed, “I will never let my daughter see her father because he refused her when she wasn’t yet born.

He has never asked to see her, so why would I force anything. My daughter will see the father when she wants to, not me.” This unwavering stance reflects Nwagi’s commitment to protecting her daughter’s well-being and allowing her the autonomy to make decisions about her own relationships in the future.

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