“Tuwe Busabaala Beach tusewo edwaliro nze njakusonda, oba tuzimbire Edwariro E’gomba oba E’Kyadondo” Gravity Omutujju Throws Verbal Punches at Bobi Wine

In what appears to be an escalating feud, singer Gravity Omutujju has once again taken aim at Bobi Wine, accusing the singer-turned-politician of not doing enough for the people of Kyadondo, particularly in the realm of healthcare.

Omutujju did not mince words as he criticized Bobi Wine’s alleged failure to contribute to healthcare infrastructure in Kyadondo.

The artist, known for his outspoken nature, did not hold back in highlighting what he perceives as Bobi Wine’s shortcomings as a leader. Omutujju questioned Bobi Wine’s leadership by pointing out the absence of a single hospital built by him despite his claims of being a leader.

The criticism revolves around the National Unity Platform (NUP) leader’s purported lack of prioritization for the health needs of the people he represents.

In a direct jab, Omutujju remarked, “Who is Bobi Wine? I don’t know him and anything concerning his life. I don’t know about hospitals, but I think Mulago and Kisumu are enough. It is okay to live without hospitals that will stop us from getting sick; if Bobi Wine needs more, let him build them himself.”

Omutujju’s message to Bobi Wine was clear – prioritize aiding the citizens he leads rather than criticizing the government. Interestingly, he claimed ignorance about Bobi Wine and expressed a lack of knowledge regarding the politician’s achievements.

In an unexpected twist, Gravity Omutujju, known for his unpredictable support for political figures, emphasized his belief that Ugandans may not necessarily require hospitals.

Instead, he suggested living with the hope of not falling sick, deeming it a more crucial necessity. As this verbal sparring continues, the brewing feud between Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine takes another intriguing turn.

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