Omukyaala owemyaka 70 Safiina Namukwaya azadde abalongo

In a remarkable testament to the power of modern technology, a 70-year-old woman, Ms Safiina Namukwaya of Masaka District, has defied the biological clock by giving birth to twins. The joyous occasion... Read more »

Desire Luzinda Celebrates Her Daughter Michelle’s 20th Birthday: An Angel, Jewel, and Best Friend

Desire Luzinda, the acclaimed Ugandan Gospel singer, preacher, and businesswoman currently residing in the United States of America, is joyously celebrating her daughter Michelle’s 20th birthday. In a touching tribute, Desire affectionately... Read more »

Omusajja yajja okumpasa nganina emyaka 16years” Spice Diana’s Musical Odyssey

Did you know that before she became the chart-topping sensation Spice Diana, she was known as Spice G, an aspiring rapper with big dreams? In this captivating journey through her early musical... Read more »

Enakuzino bba wa Vivia Tendo , Moses Tinsley yafumba | Ayanukudde abamujelega

In a heartwarming display of partnership, Moses Tinsley, husband to renowned singer Vivian Tendo, recently addressed criticism surrounding his decision to take charge in the kitchen. Approximately a week ago, Tinsley shared... Read more »

Omukazi Omulema Ngawa Abaana 4 muba Taata 4 Ab’enjawulo Agamba Abasajja Bamukwana lwa buwanguzi

Woman living with a disability has shared the heart-wrenching experiences of her relationships with men who professed love. Joyce Kansime, facing a physical challenge, narrates how men, after pledging love, take advantage... Read more »

IT HAS ALREAD ENDED IN TEARS | Pr Jengo no’Mugole we bawukanye lwa bwenzi

Nearly two weeks ago, Pastor Andrew Jengo, the son of the late Pastor Yiga, publicly introduced his partner, Fifi, to the congregation during a Sunday service at Revival Church Kawaala. However, recent... Read more »

“I am too beautiful to be single and I will never be a nakyeyombekedde” – Spice Diana on Motherhood Plans and Relationship Status

Popular songstress Spice Diana has shed light on the reasons behind her decision not to have children just yet. The “Siri Regular” singer revealed that while many have been praying for her... Read more »

Comedian MC Kapale Celebrates Private Wedding with Mzungu Partner in the UK

Ugandan comedian MC Kapale, also known as Simon Bashir Kawuki, has embraced a new chapter in his life by marrying his Mzungu partner in a private ceremony held in the United Kingdom.... Read more »

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba Sparks Controversy after Directing Kyabazinga to Personally Collect Gifted Cows

The recent marriage of Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV, to Jovia Mutesi at Christ Cathedral Bugembe was a grand affair attended by dignitaries such as Vice President Jessica Alupo... Read more »

“I have no problem with Alien Skin or the boys he moves with” MC Kats Opens Up About Reconciliation and Moving Forward with Alien Skin

Renowned media personality and emcee, Katamba Edwin, popularly known as MC Kats, has shed light on the status of his friendship with singer Alien Skin. The two initially connected during the singer’s... Read more »