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This is our morning prime time program. It is vibrantly presented with humor and has great music which opens the day. The presenters encourage every listener to get out of their beds and hit the roads, go to the gardens or other work destinations and commence work so as to earn a living. The program is an early morning riser that encourages people to for work.

The program provides the necessary information one would need in the morning as a new day begins. It has a press review, precautions for the new day, satirisation of the bad habits in the previous days and other humorous attacks on day to day life. It is no doubt that the comedy contained in the programme holds our audience to the end of the show. The comedy which involves around real life issues in our day to day life.

BBC NEWS 06:00AM-06:05AM

Weather updates 06:30 – 06:35am Local weather forecast. The major economic activity of our target listeners is agriculture, Spice FM helps them to predict weather so that they prepare accordingly. The presenters prepare farmers to manage their activities according to the requirements of the season at that time.
ByoraireOtamanyire 6:50 – 6:55am It is an entertaining attack on some of the big, crazy or controversial headlines in the newspapers. It is a dramatic presentation of very hot headlines in new papers.
Amahurre 07 – 07:12am It is an update on current affairs in the local Runyakitara languages, catering for the 4Rs (Runyoro, Rutoro, Runyankole and Rukiga.)
Birthday Balls 07:35 -07:40am Here the presenters call and surprise the birthday celebrant of the day.
Sports 07:55 – 08:00am It is a morning sports review of local, national and international sports. It is meant to update sports loving listeners with what is happening in the sports world and give a diary of the upcoming events.
  • Press review (EbifwireomumpapuraZa’mahurre
  • Kingo
  • Lizard
08:00 – 08:22am It involves a review of all newspapers. All stories that have an impact or proximity to the community that spice reaches are expounded. Otherwise it is a summary presentation of the daily newspapers content. It is intended to present the content of the newspapers to the people who cannot afford buying a copy. It also also gives passion to those who can afford to buy and provide them with a choice.This 20minutes slot has two skits;

  • Kingo: interpretation of the New vision group’s James Gayo crazy Kingo, and
  • Mr Lizard: Daily monitor’s satirical and comic watchman on page1
ImukaTukibazeeho 08:45 – 08:50am It involves the topical issue of the day.
English News 09:00 – 09:08am An update on current affairs. This caters for all those who do not understand the other local languages in which spice broadcasts.
Quick request 09:27 – 09:30am  A lucky caller calls and requests for the song of her/his choice.
Social issue 09:40 – 09:45am  We talk about usual issues affecting the local people.


Kalitango alludes to competing for survival. Here, everyone is busy at the climax of the day’s work. The programme prepares the listener into the lunch hour. Agriculturalists are expected to be finalizing with digging and mothers getting into the preparations of lunch. It has a lot of entertainment especially music. It is divided into this programme considers that most of the listeners are engaged in different development activities.

This is a purely developmental program, tailored to enhance development in our community. We provide information that helps our audience acquire knowledge that can be used in development. Kalitango program is a field based program, the presenter goes to the field and gather information on Agriculture and small scale industry development.

We also bring resourceful persons (successful entrepreneurs and experts) in the studio to educate our listeners. Arrangements and time-table of the week is given on a daily basis to help listeners not to miss out.


BBC NEWS 10:00-10:05AM
Job slot 10:25-11:30am It caters for those looking for jobs. The station encourages those people looking for workers ranging from casual to white-collar to use this time to get the people they want. Also those looking for jobs or better jobs listen to a variety that the presenter lays. Some of the jobs are jot from the newspapers. This intends to bridge a gap between job-seekers and employers.
Strange but true 10:45- 10:47am  The presenter talks about strange things happening in the World.
Sports Updates 11:00 – 11:10am Sports updates Ranging from local to International.
          Quick Request 11:30-11:35am  This is a quick request by any listener who calls in.
Ebaruha 11:35-12:00pm Here the presenter reads a touchy letter from the audience and gives time to the audience to respond on it and sometimes in advisory manner.
Amahuure in 4RS   12:00-12:12pm  News Bulletin ranging from local to International.
Business Tips  12:35-12:40pm It caters for the people in business and those planning to join business.
Health Tips 1:30-1:35pm The presenter talks about dangers of not eating well balanced food and the vital purpose of different food stuffs.
OkabaOlinkaha 1:45-1:50pm  We play an Old song to bring back peoples’ memories.

DJ HOUR (02:00 – 03:00 PM) This hour is meant for nonstop music and talkshows.


03:00 – 04:00 PM Sports News hour. Handles all sports Discipline, local, national and international.

HOT SPICE @ SPICE(04:00 – 07:00PM)


It is basically a music programme particularly featuring the latest hits. It is meant to entertain and welcomes back home, people from work. It targets majorly the working class. It is intended to refresh the minds of the workers who are retiring from a busy day. Such people are believed to have not had time to listen to the newest releases, and this time is given to them so that they can be updated of the developments in the music and entertainment industry.


Celebrity news 4:27pm-4:35pm News about local and national celebrities.
Omuzini Wawe 4:47pm-4:50pm We play 2 songs and 3 listeners call and vote for the best.
Today in history. 05:30-05:35pm It gives the listener the four memorable events that happened on that date. Such an event must be extraordinary or have an impact or relation to the people within spice’s target audience.
BBC NEWS  5:00-5:05pm 
Quick request 5:45-5:50pm One song is requested by the caller and is played instantly. It is intended to make callers compete for air.
Stress Factor 5:58-6:00pm Talk of what is immoral in the society.
Hot 6@6 6;00pm-7;00pm Here we play the selected 6 hottest songs of the day.
Issues at Hand 6:28-6:30pm  We talk about any issue but from different walks of life.
News headlines RR 7:00-7:03pm Here cover newsheadlines in Runyoro Rutooro.


Ebihyaka Mubihyaka

(news hour)

08:00-09:00pm It is a news hour programme which involves analysis and review of the news items from near and far. It begins with a bulletin followed by an analysis. It handles general news and specialized news items brought on different days of the week. Monday is health, Tuesday is business, Wednesday is environment, Thursday is
ANNOUNCEMENTS 09:00 – 09:20pm
TALK Shows 09:30 – 10:20pm This airtime is earmarked for Talk shows on booking by Politicians, NGOS and Individuals from Monday to Sunday.
Night Shift 10:00pm – 01:00am Musical programme, Love stories and Love letters.

Soul searching, Love Calculator



SemererwanaWeekend 06:00 – 09:00am All round Music considering all categories of people
Spice Doctor 09:00 – 10:00am This programme is intended to help the listener who has is faced with a health problem but has not had a solution. The programme hosts a professional medical practitioner who answers all sorts of questions from listeners. Listeners are encouraged to forward their problems throughout the week. Also, some issues that emerge in the Monday-Friday health programme are forwarded to the spice doctor for solutions.
Spice Parliament 10:00 – 12:00pm It is a talk-show programme. It handles a specific topic/issue and experts, authority or opinion leaders are invited to give their perspectives on the issue. The topic is normally local and on some occasions national.
Count down 12:00 – 02:00pm It is a special programme that mainly targets the youths. It is a presentation of hot western hits of the day.
BBC BUSINESS NEWS 2:00-2:17pm  BBC news about International business
Jambo Africa 02:00 – 04:00pm Musical entertainment featuring only African music, both new and oldies. A brief background of the artiste and album is given and the environment surrounding time the hit was done.
Sports Magazine 04:00 – 06:00pm We cover local and international sport including guest featuring
All Saints Preaching 08:30 – 09:00pm
Announcements 09:00 – 09:30pm  We do radio announcements of the day
Dance Power 09:30pm – 01:00am Nonstopmusic, phone calls and less talk.


Tumuhaise 06:00 – 10:00am Gospel music is played. Listeners send regards, and remind each other to go to church. It is dedicated to all Christians.
Easy Sunday Request Show 10:00 – 12:00pm This time listeners request for their favorite songs and dedicate them to their beloved ones, through SMS, greeting cards and live telephone call-in
Children’s Voice 12:00 – 1:00pm It is an education programme designed to emphasize the need for education and gives suggestions on how to improve the (ailing) local education standards. It also emphasizes the affirmative girl-child education. Gives career guidance. Helps parents to choose the best schools, parenting. The programme gives education news and analysis, education diary, facts on education, status of schools in the region etc.
EnsongaMubantu 1:00PM – 2:00pm We host the local people and their leaders to talk about issues which directly affect them. Sometimes we pre-record them from the field.
Omulimi Wawe 2:00 – 02:35pm The presenterhosts an expert totalk about the real issues which affect Agriculture sector and the local people in their Homesteads.
Spice sport 03 – 04:00pm Two hours of sports update and review
Golden Oldies 04:00 – 07:00pm  The presenter mixes super golden oldies across the World.
  07:00 – 09:00pm  Customized preaching.
Announcements 09:00 – 09:30pm
Amahuure Na Bamahuure 09:20PM – 10:25pm This programme targets the Listens who follow the day to day News and dedicated to the Reporters and other Journalists analysis of the top stories of the week.
Scheduled music   10:5:00am  We play nice and cool music throughout the night